Who decides whether my series/pilot/short gets into HollyWeb, and whether I win an award?


After you have submitted your entry form and payment, your series/pilot will be watched by our team of programmers, and festival directors. Each person who watches the series takes notes, and from these notes we decide on whether the series will become an Official Selection. All of our Official Selections are eligible for awards, and our festival directors and judges collaborate on award decisions. Award decisions are most heavily weighted towards the opinions of our official judges.


When will you announce the Official Selections?


All of our Official Selections will be notified of their acceptance via e-mail and our social networks no later than February 1st, 2018. This should allow adequate time to book any travel accommodations that may be needed.


Why can't everyone win an award?


We believe that the entertainment industry is fiercely competitive, and it does not help anyone by providing awards to every person who submits to our festival. Giving everyone an award is simply disingenuous. If you would rather know where your product(s) stand in terms of commercial viability, submit to HollyWeb. 


Do I get to speak on a panel? What does it cost?


We have Q&A sessions after each screening block, where creators can sit up front and talk about their creation. Our moderators help to provide some speaking points, and we also open it up to the audience to ask questions. You do not have to pay anything extra to speak at these Q&As. 


Am I allowed to submit my series to other festivals?


You may submit your work to as many other festivals as you like. We have no restrictions as to where you choose to submit and/or screen your web series.


When/where should I submit screening episodes/DVDs?


During the initial submission process, all we need is a link to view your episodes online. The link does not have to a public link, we will accept private links to unreleased episodes. If your show is selected to screen, we will require that you send us your selected screening episode(s) via an online service such as DropBox. We no longer accept any DVD screeners. 

What sort of specifications do you prefer in terms of technical formats for my screening episode(s)?


1. The less compressed, the better. File sizes of around 2GB are usually great, and allow for maximum screening quality. Don't worry about trying to compress your file to make it small, we prefer less compressed files!
2. Try for a resolution of at least 720p. 1080p is even better, but if it is at least 720p, it should look just fine.

3. For those who are savvy with codecs, H.264 and MPG4 offer great quality at relatively small file sizes. We also accept ProRes, and any other Mac/Apple compatible codecs.

4. You can send your episode file(s) to our DropBox account at: hollywebfestival@yahoo.com







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